My Goddamn Novel

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I am currently serializing a novel I wrote titled Chill or Fraud? in its entirety on this blog, Baby Pictures of Famous Dictators. This page functions as a portal to all of the novel’s past, present, and future chapters. Each dedicated chapter page features a different, custom-designed book cover, as well as a downloadable pdf of every previously posted chapter. Since this is a “fluid novel,” feel free to suggest any edits, omissions, or additions you’d want to see made to the text: either by leaving a comment on this page, or by contacting me via the About BPoFD page. Enjoy.

Chill or Fraud?

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Cover of My Novel

Chapter One: “I”

Chapter Two: “Gentrified Brooklyn”

Chapter Three: “Twitter” (Coming Soon)

Chapter Four – Chapter Sixty-Nine: TBA