BPoFD Podcast

bpofd: a podcast

Lucky for you, Baby Pictures of Famous Dictators has expanded into the burgeoning realm of the podcast. The bpofd podcast comprises an approximately hourlong conversation between BPoFD managing editor Carmen Petaccio and a special guest. As well as acting as a compendium of past podcasts, this page functions as a call-to-arms for volunteers to participate in future podcasts. Anyone in possession of the below detailed prerequisites is eligible. Your tuning-in is appreciated.

Past Episodes

Episode 1: BPoFD In Conversation with Taylor “T” Sardoni

Episode 2: BPoFD In Conversation with Sam Tacon

Episode 3: BPoFD In Conversation with Emily Simpson

Episode 4: The Halloween Spectacular with Taylor “T” Sardoni

Episode 5: BPoFD In Conversation with George Gutierrez

Episode 6: BPoFD In Conversation with J.W. McCormack

Episode 7: Guys on Guys on Girls with David Salinas

Episode 8: BPoFD In Conversation with Emily X.R. Pan

Episode 9: Mad About Mad Men with Taylor “T” Sardoni

Episode 10: BPoFD In Conversation with Blake LaRue

Episode 11: BPoFD In Conversation with AJ Marechal

Episode 12: BPoFD In Conversation with Stefano Daneri

Episode 13: BPoFD In Conversation with Lacy Warner

Episode 14: BPoFD Talking Gone Girl with Thandie

Episode 15: BPoFD In Conversation with Greg Zuk

Episode 16: NFL Midseason Review with Loud Tom

Episode 17: BPoFD In Conversation with Sara Birdgraph

Episode 18: BPoFD In Conversation with Vincent Scarpa

Episode 19: Talking Tarantino with Seaners

Episode 20: Prequels Were Better with Seaners

Episode 21: Oscars 2016 with William Glick

Episode 22: Oscars 2017 with William Glick

Episode 23: GTFO Girls with Darri Farr

Episode 24: Oscars 2018 with William Glick


Upcoming bpofd Podcasts

Episode ?: BPoFD In Conversation with Professor Chris McGowan

     Tentative Air Date: Neverember 32nd 20-Never

      Preview: Professor Chris McGowan stops by the BPoFD studios to discuss his facial hair, what it’s like to be a father, Kafka, also more.

Prerequisites for Participation in bb pix o’ famed dix podcast

One Heart Full of Love

One Brain Full of Ideas

One Mouth Full of Words

If you yourself are interested in partaking in an episode of bpofd, or would like to volunteer your mortal enemy ironically, contact Carmen Petaccio at one of the listed contact methods, please. Have a perfect, beautiful day.

Comprehensive Contact Information

Email Contact: carmen.petaccio@gmail.com

Telephonic Contact: 732-678-8009

Facebook Contact: Carmen Petaccio

Twitter Contact: @carcarpetach

Instagram Contact: @carcarpetach

Physical Contact: My Body