Today: October 10th 2010

Dear Carmen,

Understandably, you are upset.  If it’s any consolation, life will prove to be little more than a series of the important things in your life being robbed from you in painful succession.  I hope that grants you some perspective.  In the of things’ grand scheme, the loss of Lonestar may prove to be pretty inconsequential.  Please try to be objective about this, but you should realize that you played an indirect and integral part to the euthanasia of Lonestar.  Crazy, right?  In the show’s attempts to appeal to your personal demographic, it splurged on the score that you found so “redeemable.”  Unfortunately for Lonestar, most people don’t know a Mumford & Son from an Antler from a Jose Gonzalez.  I’m sure you’re blinded by scorn right now, but you should also acknowledge of few of the alienating aspects of the show.  The conceit of a man genuinely being in love with two women is complicated, and thus arsenic to the viewing public.  In addition, the main character finances his two lives through finagling innocent people out of their money and working at a presumably evil corporation.  Sure, Lonestar was attempting to pay back the money he stole through his wind power con, but most people had turned off the show by then.  In the end, the cancellation was a financial decision.  Don’t hold people accountable.  Your John From Cincinnati wound is nearly healed.  Let the scabs flake before you get to hating again.