Today: January 31st 2010: Interview Series: Rules and Regulations


I pray you enjoyed my recounting the things I enjoyed in year 2010.  In the event you didn’t, that you found a simple, unified list of my trivial likes would have sufficed, please make me aware, and January 2012, barring either of our destructions, I will assemble a list as simple and unified as list of lists get.  For the time being, allow me to elucidate how the interviews in our upcoming February Interview Series will shake out.


5 Basic Information Questions

  • When and where were you born?  When and where would you rather have been born?

5 Sentence Completions

  • In your previous life, you were most certainly a _________.

10 Basically Personal Questions

  • Do you believe in (G/g)od? If so, where does (H/h)e fucking get off?

5 First Word that Comes to Your Mind When I Say [word] (Word Association)

  • Carmen will say, Dumbwaiter!
  • You will respond, with the first word that comes to your head.

4 Questions pertaining to favorite anythings

  • What’s your favorite type of indoor lighting?  If you answer floor lamps, please elaborate.

1 Posing of Question for Carmen’s Self-Interview at the Month’s End

Here, the interviewee is given a chance to pose a question to the interviewer, Carmen Petaccio, on any topic of his or her choosing (the interviewee).  These questions will be compiled and answered to the best of Carmen’s abilities in Carmen’s End of the Month Self-Interview.

End of Interview Sample

The questions will be presented by the interviewer me to the interviewee in no particular order. As scheduled, the February Interview Series will commence tomorrow, February 1st, with my interview of Anthony Rombardo.


I am.  I am.

O’s and X’s,