Today: April 17th 2011


For the days spanning April 17 2011 to April 24 2011, I will once again be embarking on a weeklong Caribbean cruise.  Whether the events of the upcoming week will warrant a cruise diary a la the former cruise diary is uncertain.  What is certain is that acutely limited access to the internet coupled with gambling will cease entire my posting on BPoFD.  To combat this allay in output and to appease our sponsors, I’ve enlisted a special guest blogger to oversee goings-on over the interim: my exceptionally handsome cuz Stefano “Steffy” Daneri.

In addition to upholding the peerless journalistic torch of BPoFD, Stefano will be managing my Facebook and Twitter identities as well.  It will be as though I never left, or that I did leave and left someone more suited and sane to make it appear as though I left while only hinting as much.  Contractually, Stefano is obliged to a minimum of five posts for his seven days of dominon, but, if the past is any indicator, the only mums that will factor in will be the maxes.  You are in great hands.

Go Knicks/X’s and O’s,