Congratulations In Order: Taylor “T” Sardoni Gets Them

This past week, BPoFD interviewee Taylor “T” Sardoni was accepted into Columbia University’s prestigious Master’s Program in Screenwriting and Directing.  Taylor “T” (pictured above) bested a pool of approximately 2850 applicants, becoming one of only 40 selected to participate in the illustrious program.  In his years as an undergraduate at NYU, Taylor “T” wrote and directed the twelve minute short film Inside, starred in the Johnny Chia helmed Last Call, worked as script supervisor for Nicole Sanders on the First Run Film Festival selectee Four Fur Coats, and served as an intern on the Hugh Jackman-Ewan McGregor abortion Deception.  Currently, Taylor “T” is at work on a script entitled UNTITLED OOZE SCRIPT as well as a developing a pilot for the prospective series The Slick.  If you would like to personally congratulate Taylor “T” on his achievement, feel free to contact him at the following:

Phone: 908-839-9888


AIM: tsardoni

Agent: N/A

IMDB: Taylor “T” Sardoni on the Internet Movie Database

Production House: No Way! Productions

Congratulations are in order from everyone here at Baby Pictures of Famous Dictators.  Special praises are extended from BPoFD Managing Editor Carmen Petaccio, who personally titled each and every of T’s scripts and bought all the fucking milk he wasted in college.