Today: April 25th 2011

Dear Carmen,

Today is a big day.  Before I delve though, let me congratulate your cousin Stefano “Steffy” Daneri on a well done job.  Well done, Stefano!  Not only did you fail to reach your minuscule post quota, but site traffic plummeted and leveled off at levels not seen since the October Debacle of 2010.  We thought those days were behind us.  We thought wrong.  Yet, despite the aforementioned, I still prefer every aspect of Stefano’s body of work to your own, Carmen.  His featured images are superior, his prose more limpid, and he steers roads clear of your pertinacious cannonades of prosaic esotericism.

Per our discussion re the aforementioned, we have decided to implement select, minor changes to BPoFD.  Most specifically, minimizing the creative output of you Carmen and maximizing the creative output of everyone else not Carmen/the frequency of your sabbaticals.  In other words: more guest bloggers.  Please, forward me a listing of your upcoming, pointless vacations and let me know so I can draw up an official missive of mustering.

In addition to that, we, as a collective, have decided to reduce the amount of posts posted under our now infamous heading of: TODAY: MONTH X(ST/ND/RD/TH) YEAR.  This practice, though hilarious, complicates searches into our back catalogue and renders posts superficially indistinguishable.  We have examined those things.  We have decided they are not good things.  We have decided to remove those nots.  What this means: BPoFD is going to attempt to differentiate posts more, in the future, via a more rigid adherence to and proliferation of post categories, as well as a sincere post frequency upping.

Your ideas concerning the BABY PICTURES OF FAMOUS DICTATORS  merch store will be discussed at a later date.  Until that later date, I am glad you’re back?