Take a Gander: Gene Sardoni Interviews Me Carmen Petaccio

In an homage to BABY PICTURES OF FAMOUS DICTATORS’ now infamous Interview Series, Gene Sardoni is doing a series of interviews at his blog, the BPoFD favorited Genesar: A Day in the Life.  You can read his interview with me Carmen Petaccio HERE.  Out of context, the answers provided are entirely nonsensical. I’ve attached a list of the corresponding questions to hopefully allay any confusion.  The best way to go about reading this is to open two browser windows (PC People: Ctrl+N (Mac People: Thing+N), adjusting the sizes until you can easily view questions and answers with a limited amount of clicking and lateral eye movement, and understand.

Corresponding Questions:

1. Without any research, list the 10 commandments (in order, preferably-but not necessarily).
2. What is your single-most fear?
3. List 5 words that describe your character.
4. If you could get rid of 1 of the US states, which would it be and why?
5. What is your biggest regret?
6. Which is worse, prejudice, apathy or deceit and explain why?
7. What is your lifelong dream?
8. If you could live forever amd have 5 people live on in eternity with you, who would those 5 people be?