Congratulations In Order: Baby Pictures of Famous Dictators Now 1/2

Baby Pictures of Famous Dictators turns 1/2-years-old today.  I promised to keep the festivity’s key as low as possible, and will ask simply that you reflect on all the unforgettable memories afforded to you by BPoFD in these few scant months.  Or don’t!  Your way is the best way to celebrate!  Me, for instance, will be seizing the opportunity to evaluate how incredible I’ve done over the past six months, by way of polls, below.  Also, I’ll be posting pictures of Cookie Monster at his most philosophical, which is BPoFD’s  favorite childhood character (Note: Not Cookie Monster, but Philosophical Cookie Monster (There is a distinct difference.  They appear one-in-the-same but they are most definitely not one-in-the-same)).  Huzzah.