Celebrity Guest Blogger: Chris “The Professor” McGowan

As Taylor “T” Sardoni and I wind our sinuous way up the United States’ east coast en route to Hook’s, Baby Pictures of Famous Dictators will feature a special celebrity guest blogger: Chris “The Professor” McGowan.  Chris will serve as managing editor of BPoFD over the 5/23/11-5/27/11 interval, as well as the manager of my Facebook identity and bank account.  If you’re unfamiliar with Chris and his writerly accomplishments, you won’t be for long.  A person of such singularity doesn’t allow unfamiliarity once he is known.  Previously, Chris wrote the now-defunct weekly political column for College Magazine and the seminal bildungsroman Winter at the Shore.  Needless to say: you’re in smooth, wonderful hands.  If you’d like Chris to cover a specific topic, leave a comment by clicking the leave a comment button above or email Chris at: