Man in the Cape

It pains me to report that Chris “Prof” McGowan has left his position as Senior Editor at Toms River Patch.  The split was amicable.  Prof has confirmed via text message that he “wishes those corporate slugs the best of motherfucking luck.”  What does this mean for the Substantial Ephemera section of BPoFD? Since when is that unnamed section of Prof TR Patch articles titled Substantial Ephemera? These are glorious questions, with equally glorious answers.

Answer 1: Said section of BPoFD is from here on out reserved for topics and links that occupy the grey area between the black of full-post substantiality and the stark white blankness of no-post non-being.  For the most part, it will consist of videos of small animals waking up from small naps.

Answer 2: Since roughly five minutes ago.

To commemorate the occasion, here’s a video of Louis C.K. reflecting on George Carlin’s influence on his comedy.  Acknowledging indebtedness is important, and Louis C.K. acknowledges well.  What was most interesting to me was LCK’s touching upon the moment when his sense of humor crossed over from a childhood sensibility to an adult’s, because, in memory’s weird wiring, I too recall this instance in my life vividly.  I was watching a Seinfeld rerun with my father.  I was maybe possibly nine.  I was never the same.  Pinpointed, the exact moment of my reference is 18 seconds into the second video.  I have attached the relevant clip after the initial relevant clip.  To my readership that still maintains a child’s sense of humor, you are very welcome.