BREAKING: Exclusive Photos and Analyses from The Upcoming Season of Mad Men

The BPoFD Paparazzos have obtained exclusive on-set photos from the upcoming fifth season of AMC‘s popular television program Mad Men.  The show chronicles the volatile lives of men and women working at a Madison Avenue ad agency circa 1960, and centers around the exploits of a drunken philandering war-deserting identity thief named Don Draper.  Inasmuch as the show can be called an ensemble affair, Draper is undoubtedly the fulcrum, the protean avatar of the first modern man.  He wants and wants, and upon receiving what he wants, rebukes what he wants, destroys what he wants from the inside out, and repeats and repeats and repeats.  Satisfaction is a state short-lived for Draper, and these photos show that the contentment Don found at the end of Season Four were, if anything, ephemeral.

This photo, which I’ve deemed “Bitch Get in My Car,” depicts Don politely asking his new beau, Megan, to get in his Cadillac and fellate him.  Megan is having none of this.  Commendable is the set design, with the wide auto representing not only the distance between the couple but the modernization and artificiality of said distance.  Don wears a austere blue suit, the sartorial embodiment of pragmatism and conformity, while Megan dons a brilliant pink cardigan, a reification of her feminist identity and, along with her oversized, insectile sunglasses, the refutation of Don’s world, what should be the sun to her interior fields.

“Draper, Concerned” concerns a concerned Don Draper concerning himself with the concerns not only of his own consternation but of a society sans certainty.  Note the duality in the framing of man acting as intermediary between the warring worlds of technology (the Cadillac) and nature (what can presumed to be the ivied walls of The Drapers’ country club).  Most likely, Draper is reconsidering his decision to marry a woman that will not, upon a priori request, fellate him in the front bench seat of his commodious Caddy.  Look how he grips the keys, loosely, and how he covers his crotch: his emasculation (the covering) has led to an externalization of his manhood (the metaphoric testicles of the Cadillac keys).

“Did You Fart?” raises a question of inconsequential culpability to the arena of pure metaphor.  As is the case with most modern romantic unions, one of the parties has farted an SBD fart (the affront), and refuses to admit their guilt (the quandary).  The innocent party inquires only to the threshold of the truth (reluctance as fear) before shying away, moving onto the more (less) pertinent matters (nothings) at hand.

Mad Men’s fifth season premieres early 2012.  Suits inspired by Mad Men are for sale in Banana Republic right now this very day.  Truly, there is no time like the present.