Recapping: Boardwalk Empire Sea 2 Epi 3

Sadly, I forgot to recap last week’s episode of Boardwalk Empire.  As compensation, a selection of the episode’s best quotes, followed by a verbatim reprinting of my shorthand observations of said episode, “A Dangerous Maid.”  They are as incoherent as they appear.

  • “You let Chinks spill booze on the felt?”
  • “How goes Jimmy Irish?”
  • “I’m good for something besides whoopee.”
  • “Just have Frankenstein here drill a hole in his noggin.”

Verbatim Reprinting of My Shorthand Observations of Said Episode,

“A Dangerous Maid.”

Broad in prego prison, Al Capone!, envelope, Jimmy Irish, Prego babymama has a dandy, Two-Face v. Jimmy Irish in Greco-Roman wrestling match, shoes won’t tie, dementia skeleton, Jimmy’s mani-pedi, flibbity jibbit monologue, FU, classic phone toss, Rothstein card games, pregnant naked, Slater=stopper, Mags sad, abortion averted by gramophone, Mags tries to get drilled with help, pregnant dance, Nucky flips Commodore’s lobster, Nuck’s nation of ruination, Slater bionic elbow, drunk daddy issues with Jimmy Irish. The End.