The 200th Post

200 is the natural number following 199 and preceding 201.  One side of the main square in Krakow, Poland measures 200 square meters.  In Roman Numerals, 200 is expressed as CC.  The quark-gluon plasma phase transition exhibits a temperature of 200 MeV.  Richard Petty won 200 Nascar Cup Series races.  The number 200 is a Harshad Number, appears in The Padovan Sequence, and represents the sum of the first twenty-five integers in Euler’s Totient Function.  When one passes GO in Monopoly, one receives 200 Monopoly dollars.  A cholesterol level of 200 or below indicates a low risk of heart disease.  The year 200 was a leap year then known as The Year of The Consulship of Severus and Victorinus.  This is post number 200 on BABY PICTURES OF FAMOUS DICTATORS.  I have 200 less 200 ideas as to what this all means.

For instance, what the flip is a quark-gluon plasma phase transition?  Is it what you get when you put glue gun drip and ghost guts in a particle accelerator, like I imagine?  Plus, who deems the measure of one side of a Krakowian square significant?  What of the other sides’s respective measures?  Do those sides’s measures not measure up to the measured side’s measure?  Why didn’t Richard Petty venture to win 201 Nascar Cup Series races?  Is Petty’s inaction in any way related to his involvement in the Tom Cruise film, Days of Thunder?  Who were Severus and Victorinus?  Why would people stop naming baby people those names?  Why would people stop naming years names like The Year of The Consulship of Severus and Victorinus?  Why does no one acknowledge the draw of the thimble in Monopoly?  Is it not one of life’s deep joys to place the thimble upon one’s childhood pinkie, raise adorned pinkie ostentatiously, stare into the middle distance and announce, “The acquisition of Marven Gardens shall be that of the digitambulists!”?  Should a twenty-four-year-old know his cholesterol level?  Would that twenty-four-year-old be better off, say, inquiring to his cholesterol level instead of spending two hours deciphering what a Harshad Number/Padovan Sequence/Euler’s Totient Function is/are?  Does cited twenty-four-year-old now stand at risk of suffering a quark-gluon plasma phase transition, at 200 MeV, whatever that may be?

Feel Free to Skip This Graf If You Are Not Interested in What a Harshard Number/Padovan Sequence/Euler’s Totient Function Is/Are.

Basically, a Harshard Number is a multi-digit number divisible by the sum of the integers that comprise it.  Example being: 18 is divisible by 9, 9 being the sum of 18’s two integers, 1 and 8, thus 18 is a Harshard Number.  The Padovan Sequence is a series of numbers that, when plugged into a recurrence relation, mathematically represents the descending, but proportional segmentations of a spiral.  Example being: An equilateral triangle has an area of 16, 16 being a number in The Padovan Sequence, if one was to draw an adjacent triangle with area 12, 12 being a number in The Padovan Sequence, onto the base of sixteen, and to repeat that action, either increasing or decreasing area, the result will be a spiral of smaller, but proportional triangles, on down to one, and on up to infinity.  I cannot take the time to explain Euler’s Totient Function, as my brain has fallen out through my butt.  Accept this picture representation of The Padovan Sequence as recompense.

End of That

200 is also the HTTP status code that indicates a successful connection.  For 199 posts, I have sought the 200, the successful connection between myself and you at home.  I have, predominantly, failed (See previous graf).  This will not forever be so.  Like The Padovan Sequence spiraling to one, so too will I converge upon the golden value.  The post total will rise, but the value will remain impeccably the same, successful.  May all that is to come be 200.