BPoFD Fall Film Preview Featuring The Taylor “T” Sardoni Twenty

Thrice annually, the filmmaker Taylor “T” Sardoni announces his twenty most anticipated films for the upcoming season to my email inbox. In December, he anoints his Spring 20. In May, his Summer, and, as has been the case for the past six years, in August, his Fall. These are Taylor “T” Sardoni’s Most Anticipated films for the Fall of 2012, listed chronologically by release date. I intend to see them all, advise you to as well. If you find yourself shortsighted or short on time, funds, sanity, I’ve attached a useful addendum placing Taylor “T”‘s Twenty in ordinal rank by expected quality, with expected quality (EQ) quantified by this equation:

EQ=2W+1.75D+1.5(1/4(A+B+C+D))+Road House

Where W=Quality of Writer out of 10

D=Quality of Director out of 10

A,B,C,D=Quality of Lead Actor, Lead Actress, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress out of 10

Road House=Road House

Taylor “T” Sardoni’s Most Anticipated Films Fall 2012

August 31st: Lawless

September 14th: The Master, Liberal Arts

September 28th: Looper, Trouble with the Curve

October 5th: Frankenweenie

October 12th: Argo

October 19th: Killing Them Softly

November 2nd: Wreck-it Ralph, The Man with the Iron Fists, Seven Psychopaths

November 9th: Skyfall, Lincoln

November 23rd: The Silver Linings Playbook

December 7th: Hyde Park on Hudson

December 14th: Hobbit, Les Miserables

December 21st: This is 40, Love

December 25th: Django Unchained

Carmen Petaccio’s Fall Films 2012 EQ Rankings

1. The Master

2. Lincoln

3. Django Unchained

4. Seven Psychopaths 

5. Argo

6. Looper

7. Anna Karenina (Replacing Skyfall on my list due to Michael Fassbender not playing 007)

8. This is 40

9. Wreck It Ralph

10. Killing Them Softly

11. Hyde Park on Hudson

12. Les Miserables

13. Lawless

14. The Man with the Iron Fists

15. Love

16. The Silver Linings Playbook

17. Hobbit

18. Trouble with the Curve

19. Frankenweenie

20. Liberal Arts