BPoFD Podcast Episode 4: Boo! The Halloween Spectacular with Taylor “T” Sardoni

scary monsters

In the fall of 2012, just a few days shy of Halloween, two handsome graduate students entered Butler Library on the campus of Columbia University. They were never seen again. Based upon the extensive NYPD Missing Person’s Report, the individuals had convened to record a podcast about horror movies. Hundreds of eyewitness reports corroborate the story, as well as the duo’s handsomeness. But to this day, no one knows what became of Carmen Petaccio and Taylor Sardoni. Rumor has it that, before whatever horrific fate befell them, they did record a podcast. It was fabled to be twice the size of a normal podcast, with insights sharp as butcher knives, and digressions spoken in the forked tongues of the damned. Highlights presumably included a nearly century-spanning analysis of horror as genre and artform, a phone call to Chris McGowan for his favorite Halloween memory, and Top 5 List of the greatest horror films of all time. This is, of course, purely speculation. No one has ever been able to locate the fabled podcast…until now. Linked below is the product of Carmen and Taylor’s fateful meeting. But be warned. The podcast is believed to be cursed. Nearly everyone who has listened to it has been driven into the deepest, fieriest depths of madness. The rest chose to take their lives in the most violent ways imaginable. Enjoy! Boo!

To listen, click below, if you dare…

BPoFD Episode #4: Boo! The Halloween Spectacular with Taylor “T” Sardoni