BPoFD Recommends: Fruition of the Damned

After eight long years of development, Fruition of the Damned, a fantasy graphic novel designed specifically for the web, released its first chapter this morning. Spanning over 150 pages of original artwork, Prelude to Rapture ingeniously eschews the traditional graphic novel form: in lieu of subdivided pages, the story is presented as a continuous descent down the page, like reading an endless digital scroll. Exteriors of space unfurl with the appropriate vastness. Small moments between characters–a game of hide-and-seek amongst brothers, a tightrope walk along the edge of a blade–take on paradoxical enormity when set against the infinite canvas. Literally and figuratively, Prelude offers readers what all great first chapters should: a doorway to a world without bottom.

Fruition of the Damned was written by Keenan Carola and Jeremy Mackinnon. Art by Nick Azevedo. For optimal experience, please read Fruition on a tablet, in portrait mode. A full review of Fruition of the Damned will follow in these pages upon the release of future installments.

Read Prelude to Rapture by clicking these words.