Worst to First: Easy Season One

The latest Netflix streaming series, Easy, from writer-director Joe Swanberg, shifts its focus each episode like a View Master, rotating through eight radically different stories of life in modern Chicago. Like HBO’s High Maintenance, Easy is more a series of short stories than a novel, the dramaturgical constants restrained to setting and theme. Characters who occupy the background in one episode will step into the foreground in the next, revealing depths unmeasurable at first glance, or they’ll reappear in a short scene episodes later, all of their complexities subtly in tow. To its credit, this structure affords Easy a more comprehensive world and worldview, an inclusivity that feels truer to present-day America than shows with a narrower interest. But the structure also lets viewers draw harsher qualitative lines between episodes, favoring some stories more than others. So here’s every episode of Easy Season One, ranked from worst to first.

Worst to First: Easy Season One


8. Hop Dreams

Synopsis: Two brothers fight about expanding their home brewery business. One of them is Dave Franco.

7. Brewery Brothers

Synopsis: Two brothers start a home brewery business. One of them is still Dave Franco.

6. Vegan Cinderella

Synopsis: A lesbian tries to brainwash her new girlfriend into becoming a vegan by sending her this video.

5. Art and Life

Synopsis: Emily Ratajkowski fucks Marc Maron and takes some selfies next to his old, sleeping body. Later, she hangs her selfies in an art gallery.

4. Utopia

Synopsis: Orlando Bloom and Malin Ackerman sign up for Thrinder.

3. Controlada

Synopsis: A Mexican-American couple buys a couch from West Elm, then an old friend comes to visit.

2. The Fucking Study

Synopsis: A stay-at-home dad learns to fuck his wife again by dressing up like a construction worker.

1. Chemistry Read

Synopsis: Two stage actresses at vastly different life stages search for happiness.