The Strawberry Criterion: 22, A Million

22 (OVER S∞∞N)

ah ahhh ahhhh ahhhhh ahhhh ahhhh
where u gonna look for confirmation?? and if 
its ever gonna happen 
so as i'm standing at the station::::::it might be over soon

there i find u hocked in constellation,,,there isn't ceiling
in our garden, then i draw and hear around you,,,so i can speak 
into the silence::::::it might be over soon

oh when i have carried consecration, and then you whispered all
decisions, as i may stand up with the vision
cold daylight, goddamn right:::::it might be over soon

10 d E A T h b R E a s T ⚄ ⚄

fee-fever rest. feverest, i called you 
in deathly deep, fever rest
i've been sitting in a stable mate, not gonna do you
no favors but i gotta
see you trying...i'm taking down all the lines around
fuckit fine: darling, lovedon'tfightit, lvoedontfight it, love well
ill wrap you up! 
take you by the touch but 
darling don't. and i'll times the rapier 
i'll wrap you up northern lights
take cover when we're daring, snaking in the tall grass
and i cannot seem to find the angle.

715 – CR∑∑KS

DOWNalongthe creek, i rememerebed
something---heard the heron hurried 
away, when first i breached that latch
someday..............low moon down the yellow road, i remembered
something: that isn't leaving wasn't easing 
all that heaving in my bones
as certainly as it's evening itis now 
it's not the time oooOOoOoOoOo
toilin w ur blood, i remembered something
and be unrest and kissin on a night second to last, founded
both your hands and a second sun can't pass the glass
and oh how it felt right and i had you
in my grasp,,,,oh then how we gonna cry
cuz it once might not
mean something
& love: a second glance it is not something that we need.
& honey: understand that i've been left here in the reeds.
but i'm all trying to do is get my feet up
from the creeeeEeeeEeeEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek
(and i see u)
turn around, ur my 18 
" "
GD turn around now ur
my 18

33 “GOD”

is the company started???, we had what we wanted 
ur eyes (when we leave this moon its gone) 
with no word from the former
id be happy as hell if you stayed
for tea:::::::: this is how we grow now woman. the child annoyed
these will just be
places to me now, the foreman is down, we're rising like stairs
I Find God And Religion ++__+_+_+ Staying At The Ace Hotel If
the calm would allow, i would just be floating to you now!
you made me past so let me pass on that
i'm climbing the dash 
thattttt skin

when we walked up on that bolt in the street, after you tied me
into the driveway in the apt of his beat: we sent ur sister home
in a cab,,,,,, i could walked across any 1000 lands
i didn't need you that night, i didn't need you anytime
i'm gonna take it as it goes, i will go forward to the night well
i better fold my clothes

29 #Strafford APTS

sharing smoke and the stare up--off the high car lot sunshine
hot off the radio spot hmmmhmmmhmm hmmm sure as any living dream
it's not all that it seems---and the whole thing's on your way
they're holding at ur fabric now!!!! paralyze, paralyzee
hallucinating clap, and all the snowshoes at the yaddos
i threw meaning out the door
your holding at your paper eyes, canonized

666 ʇ

sixes hang in the door what kind of shit to ignore i've
cut the cloth oooo
i don't who to write who can call up the questions
we know that i'm right
i've heard about it: i've heard about it: ooooooo
so it's not in our past ?what's the function of a
that's a very low toss, more like two separate lives i'd say
that's some type of quandry, wandering
take me into your bones: i've learned about itooooo


the math a head, the math behind it it's
moon water, the math a head, the math
behind, mooooooooooon water !@)!_!
memorize not, half them all, for moon
water, i'd hobble in, running rines for
the math ahead, the math behind it

8 (circle)

philosophize!!! go figure: what i haven't heaven heldt
you called and i came and
stood tall for it all, falling fixtures just
the same thing
say nothing of my fable, nooooooo what i've heard there's left
to come, who's agonizng all through it all?? i'm underneath
your tongue. &^%&^% i'm standing in your street now
and i carry his guitar.............................
and i can't recall it lightly at all, but i know i'm
too much for me to pick up, not sure what forgiveness
we're in, we've galvanized 
the squalor of it all 
i can leave behind the pulpit 

i will run.
all around it: have to crawl (still can't stop it)
but along the fires: one more time just pass me by
i won't make it 1/2 the night, all last wishes

to walk beside your favor, i'm an astuary keep
i keep in a cage your confidant, i'm burning down
your compass/i will run.


well i've been called in fire well 
i've been culled and fired ah well
i've been carved in fire well 
i've been carved in fire what 
comes prior to? fire

00000 Million

mustve been forces that took me 
on them wild courses, who knows
how many poses...that i've been in?? 
them who lean closest come
and give meaning mine, i cannot really close this 
how fleet it sounds
i worry about rain and i worry
about lightning
but i wash them off! tilll nine in the morning, walking
so slow, sun low in the highlands 
(when the days have no numbers)
if it's hardly let it harm me let it harm me i'll let in

oh we all know this, how to be bleeding life. 
sometimes it won't comment, too lit to strive
we worry about moses, he ain't gonna buy the groceries 
lil outted locust, go away and findddd
i worry about shame and i worry 
about worn paths, and i wander off just 
to come back home,
turn and walk...holy high in the lowlands
(where the days have no numbers)
it harms me it harms me it harms me like a lamb

so i can't depose then, partial to the bleeding vines 
suppose you can't hold shit, how high i've been
what the river don't know is, to climb out in heat and light
or slow wither like roses, or stay behind
i've been to that grove! where no matter the source is
and i've walked it off! how longgGggGg i'd last 
solo in the cold, old man on the canyon
(where the days have no numbers) 
well it harms me it harms me it harms me i'll
let it in

4.75 – (S t R a wBB e RI es)