Every Black Mirror Episode, As Ranked by Ryan and Brett

What if your face was an iPhone? What if your wife left you for an emoji? What if your self-driving car ran over a hologram, and it was a hologram of you? These are the types of profound existential and philosophical questions asked by the anthology series Black Mirror, whose fourth season was released earlier this month on Netflix. Considering the superabundance of content in our own dystopian science fictional reality, BPoFD enlisted Ryan and Brett, two random guys, to rank their favorite episodes of the series. This way, you can properly allot the measly hour and fifteen minutes that late capitalism affords you after work, your commute, and sleep. What if there was a pill that eliminated the need for sleep? Would you take it? Big question. It really makes you think.

Every Black Mirror Episode, As Ranked by Ryan and Brett

Note: This is a composite list devised by plugging Ryan’s and Brett’s respective lists into a complex comparative algorithm. Since this blog does not recognize pandering homosexual narratives that star heterosexual actors with no chemistry, the episode “San Junipero” has been omitted from these rankings.


18. The Waldo Moment

17. Metalhead

16. Arkangel

15. The National Anthem

static1.squarespace-1.jpg14. Fifteen Million Merits

13. Crocodile

12. Men Against Fire

11. Playtest

Screen Shot 2018-01-18 at 11.55.22 AM.png

10. Be Right Back 

9. Nosedive

8. Shut Up and Dance

7. Black Museum

6. White Christmas


5. White Bear

4. Hated in the Nation

3. Hang the DJ 

2. U.S.S. Callister


1. The Entire History of You