2019 Top Ten Lists With Zero Explanations

Top Ten Movies of 2019

1. Uncut Gems

2. Richard Jewell

3. Marriage Story

4. Parasite

5. Under the Silver Lake

6. Midsommar

7. The Irishman

8. The Beach Bum

9. The Lighthouse



Top Five Albums of 2019 (Only Five, Dying Art Form)

1. Purple Mountains by Purple Mountains

2. U.F.O.F/Two Hands by Big Thief

3. Father of the Bride by Vampire Weekend

4. 2020 by Richard Lawson

5. Morbid Stuff by Pup


Top Five TV Shows of 2019 (Only Five, Another Dying Art Form)

1. I Think You Should Leave, Season One

2. Barry, Season Two

3. Succession, Season Two

4. Lodge 49, Season Two

5. What We Do in the Shadows, Season One


Top One Book of 2019 (Only One, Dead Art Form)

1. Ducks, Newburyport by Lucy Ellmann