Top Ten Songs of 2010 #’s 8-10


10. Love is All by the Tallest Man on Earth

Over tangly finger-picking The Tallest Man on Earth somehow outdoes his cover of Paul Simon’s Graceland.  Stark imagery paints houses made of spider-webs, rivers that welcome ambulation as much as drowning.  The final chorus teems with so much anguish and vocal rasp you can almost hear it forever warping the lo-fi.  By the end, it’s hard to answer whether the title should be followed by a period or a question mark.  Like, love is all.  Love is so important.  Or, love is all?  Love is so important in respect to ripping my guts out over and over until I’m gutless.  How about just, Love is All!  Wonderful song!


9. 6’7’ by Lil Wayne

Lil’ Wayne should spend more time in jail.  Not since the seminal Tha Carter 3 has his chainsaw drawl been sharper, his Nabakovian metaphorical digressions so extensive.  As always, his madness is served with a dash of logic.  Ostensibly, the line “real G’s move in silence like lasagna” appears to be absolute babble.  Upon further reflection though, lasagna does move silently when transferred say from oven to kitchen counter, and the G in lasagna is silent to boot.


8. We Used to Wait by Arcade Fire

A lamentation about the antiquation of writing love letters becomes an examination of the waning attention span of the collective consciousness, over droning piano arpeggios.  It does seem strange, how we used to wait for letters to arrive, but who’s to valuate waiting, to say that the method of correspondence undermines earnestness: probably Win Butler, who is a stellar pick-up basketball player.