Interview Series: An Overview

Interview Series: An Overview

Sadly, maybe not so sadly, the Interview Series is going to have to spill over into the month of March.  I am simply too busy getting rejected from graduate schools to focus on the interviewees that rightfully deserve my focusing.  I apologize to the whole world.  On a lighter note, the Interview Series was successful commercially, artistically, personally.  The statistical breakdown that follows will illustrate.

Illustrative Statistical Breakdown of  Interview Series’ Success

Total Site Visits This Month= 5,875

Total Site Visits Previous Month= 1,597

Percentage Increase in Total Site Visits= 368%

Average Views Per Interview= 267 Views

Previous Views Per Post Average=52

Percentage Increase in Per Post Average=513%

Most Visited Day=Day 19: Sam Tacon=502 Views

Most Discrete Visitors=Day 19: Sam Tacon=256 Discrete Visitors

Total Submissions for Carmen Petaccio Personal Sketch for Carmen’s End of the Month Self-Interview=ZERO