IN PROGRESS: Kyle & Lacie Seen Canoodling Around NYorkC

Visual confirmation has been received that Kyle Kraig has taken Lacie Spring Beyers on her very first visit to New York City.  BPoFD correspondents are compiling a complete itinerary for the couple’s day as well as corresponding photographs and evaluations.  Considering that I was a pseudo-resident of NewYC for approximately four years, it may have been advisable for Kyle to consult me before taking this foray into the unknown.  I could have suggested The Book of Mormon, or a multitude of hipster restaurants, or suggested that they not go at all, that NYCity humidity in high summer is an insufferable full-body rubdown provided by unwelcome hands lathered in scalding, malodorous oils.  We pray that the atmospheric conditions don’t hamper Lacie’s enjoyment.  From what we’ve been able to gather, Kyle & Lacie have successfully arrived in NewYorkC, and are planning on lunching at Stone Street, a subterranean yuppie lunch establishment patroned solely by business-suited men with eyes that can’t seem to focus in the half-light.  BPoFD recommends the hanger steak.