BLOOD FEUD: Lacie v. Will Z

Reports have surfaced that a bitter feud has erupted between Lacie Spring Beyers and eminent Manhattan Event Planner Will Zurich.  According to reliable sources, plans were in place to have Kyle & Lacie meet Zurich for lunch yesterday, July 12th around 14:00.  The couple unceremoniously broke these plans, opting instead for a visit to The Museum of Modern Art.  When pressed for comment during a XBOX LIVE Call of Duty: Block Ops Zombies session, Zurich was not reluctant in divulging specific details.

“Kyle texted me saying, Let’s get lunch.  I texted him back saying, Okay.  He never answered me.  I texted him again, where do you want to get lunch?  No answer.  Finally, hours later, he texted me back, asking me if I was around 77th and Lexington.  I did not reply.  I should have known better,” so sayeth The Zurich.

Will later voiced further displeasure on the popular online delusion diary, BABY PICTURES OF FAMOUS DICTATORS.  He did not scrimp on the rancor, taking shots at Kyle and The Museum of Modern Art.

Though Zurich’s libel makes no overt indictment of Lacie, the misdirection of his anger is apparent, as he refers to Kyle as Lacie’s “lapdog” and employs a double ellipsis.  During a roundtable discussion by BPoFD panelists during last night’s XBOX LIVE Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies session, no consensus could be reached as to whether this characterizes Kyle as a “castrated vagina-slave,” or an “invertebrate shrilly eunuch,” but full agreement was attained in regards to the fact that Kyle would never want to go to a museum.  How this will affect attendance at Kyle’s BBQ on Saturday is yet to be seen.