Fare Thee Well: Baby Pictures of Famous Dictators Over

This will be my final week posting at BABY PICTURES OF FAMOUS DICTATORS.  After endless hours of contentious inner monologue amongst the voices in my head, I feel that what needed to be said has been said, and I will close this chapter in the Internet’s history with a weighty, sure heart.  A raving madness journal simply does not factor into the future that I am venturing to occupy.  I cannot continue to write about banal dining experiences, dead people I never met or the potential returns on Turtle’s investment in the tequila company, however much I enjoy said writing.  In my pantheon of reviled axioms, none rival the moronic “Do What Makes You Happy.”  Nothing can be as beguiling as happiness, nothing as damning as that emotion experienced at the expense of the self.  I posit that “Do What Makes You Better” is far better to ascribe to.  For far too long I have allowed BPoFD to infringe upon my betterment as a writer and, most importantly, an individual.  That ends, but in a bit, as I do intend to feign closure, to end with a whimper where there should have been a bang, but, recall, a whimper kills silence all the same.  I thank the entire world for reading, and offer up this photograph of a bug person as yet another attempt to say, “I am so very, very sorry.”