BPoFD By Request: BPoFD, Undead

Welcome entire world to the new and in every way better BABY PICTURES OF FAMOUS DICTATORS.  Please provide your eyes time to adjust.  When they have adjusted continue reading.  Failing to do so will result in your retinas shooting back through your eyeballs, skull, brain, skull.  Thank you for your patience.

Newness, so beautiful.  Now that your eyes have adjusted, let me explain my motivations behind resurrecting the long-defunct BPoFD.  To summarize, I was staring out my window, contemplating the nature of the universe, when George’s fiance Cara Lanza texted me (See text to left).  Obviously, I know better than to disobey the wishes of Cara Lanza.  I sought immediately to exhume that which I had not days before buried.  The blog I encountered was and was not the blog I had known.  Wherever there was sameness there was too difference, and this frightened, thrilled, confused me.  BPoFD had touched the beyond.  To see that which you knew become partly something else can be trying, and liberating.  Once again, the unknown has beckoned me, and, as I am wont to do, I have sought to embrace that beckoning.  I also received these text messages from Lada and found my faith restored in even the most depraved aspects of our depraved, depraved world, and, knew, knew that I had to keep trying.  I am still sorry.  I am still back.