An Open Letter to Instagram Pictures of Food

Dear Instagram Pictures of Food,

Like all that is, you did not ask to be.  Powers outside your control have thrust you into unwitting existence.  But born you were and there is no changing it.  Your role in society’s greater scheme is unsure, your components multifaceted and befuddling.  Every event since the conception of the universe has led directly and indirectly to the minuscule fragment of the real that is you.  You want to celebrate, to revel, to hurl life’s many confusions from your mind and find that sustained happiness that seems so often to elude.  You just can’t seem to.  You just keep asking yourself, What do I mean?  What does it all mean?  How do I fit into all that is?

Let’s see.

Such is life: a divided self, a consciousness filtered through many filters, a world peopled by peculiar people who can never truly be known.  Who, specifically, are these broads and what are they trying to accomplish?  What is the logic to the sequence?  Like, very well, someone’s buying puzzles in Big Lots.  Oh, the limitless joys of life.  But, then, there’s some other broad, and they’re both looking dour about the whole puzzle purchase affair?  Did either of them even buy the puzzle?  It’s immaterial because it’s time for Asian Fusion cuisine?  Who is going to dribble that shallow bowl of monster blood over those delectable breasts of chicken?  Has modern existence devolved to the point that people must document even the most quotidian of events as testament to some warped and deluded construct of meaning? Is that even Big Lots?  No way to tell.

You were created by confused creatures, Instagram Pictures of Food.  The caption for the picture above verbatim read: #BREAD.  There isn’t even bread in this picture.  Most beguiling of all, there are so many like you, proliferating, growing in baffled number by the day.  Right now, there’s a six-section collage of broccoli rabe staring at the world in horror and thinking exactly what you’re thinking.  I can assure you of this.  I can ask that you see the hope in that.

You must learn to see confusion as hope, Instagram Pictures of Food.  Only through constant engagement with that that baffles can we seek to find a vestige of understanding. Try to think that these broads merely wanted to buy a puzzle for one of their nieces, and in the resulting jubilation of finding such a puzzle (a Disney Princesses Puzzle, the niece’s favorite), they were united in a sudden hankering for Asian Fusion cuisine.  Try to think that you aren’t a manifestation of the vacuousness of present existence, because, just maybe, you’re something more than that.  You may be an acknowledgement of life’s being a mostly arduous affair comprised of random, senseless moments leading in and out of each other and never will anyone understand any of it.  What you may be is an attempt to capture those rare times when all that is seems to make perfect sense.  What you may be is a small, simple joy among those many confusions.  Try to think that.  Carry on.