Announcing: The Design the Cover for Carmen’s Thesis Contest

who will it b?

On August 1st 2013 I will submit my thesis, a collection of thirteen short stories titled My Volcano, to the Graduate Writing Program at Columbia University. After that, two professors from the program will read it and determine if its quality merits my graduation. In the event that my thesis is approved, I will dance. In the event that my thesis is rejected, I will eke out the next fifty years of my life as a hollowed-out husk of the man I might have been until my spine inevitably snaps under the infinite weight of my broken dreams and I die. But before all that: The Design the Cover for Carmen’s Thesis Contest.

Last month, I asked three of my very talented, very wonderful artist friends to design a cover for my thesis. Being very talented and very wonderful, they all took me up on it. The artists were given full creative license, given that their design included my name and the title of my thesis. The covers that they produced are nothing short of perfect, all of them. Over the course of the next week, I’ll be unveiling one cover per day (The Order of Unveiling has been attached below). A poll will follow in which the entire world can vote for the winner of The Design the Cover for Carmen’s Thesis Contest. The winner will receive Bragging Rights and a $25 gift certificate to the Olive Garden.

The Order of Unveiling

July 25th: Michelle Farro

July 26th: Elena Megalos

July 29th: Banksy

Do click on their names and check out the incredible things they are making be. Sincerest thanks to everyone who participated, you are as generous with your time as you are talented with your art. Thank you.

olive garden breadsticks
good luck