Preview: A Look Ahead: Coming This Fall From BPoFD


Having ~ finished grad school, I’m now able to refocus my energies on what is truly important: this blog. The coming months will introduce a plethora of new features and series at Baby Pictures of Famous Dictators, and I’ve briefly detailed a few of them below. Stay “tuned.”

A List of Everything That I Read or Watched for a Year

In 2011, the director Steven Soderbergh made a list of everything that he read or watched for the entire year. In 2013-2014, I will make a similar list of everything that I read or watch for an entire year. Compilation is scheduled to begin on my twenty-sixth birthday, October 23rd 2013, and, barring any unforeseen interruptions, the list will be completed on my twenty-seventh birthday, October 23rd 2014. To give you an idea, the entry for yesterday would look something like this.

08/10 CATFISH (2) DRUNK HISTORY (4) The Collected Stories of Deborah Eisenberg, Deborah Eisenberg (pgs. 770-810)

The BPoFD Social Media Power Rankings

In the right hands, social media becomes an art form. To celebrate the true artists of social media, I’ll be ranking the best of the best from my many respective news feeds, as well as providing comprehensive analysis and justification for the rankings. To give you an idea, the @boyshbo instagram is currently the 5th highest performing social media entity in my social media microsphere, placing it firmly between Daragh O’Dea’s Vine feed and Labbate’s Facebook.


A New Picture of Paul Blart

Basically, I will upload a new picture of Paul Blart to replace the current one.

The Serialization of My Novel, Chill or Fraud? An Investigation: A Novel

For the past ten years I’ve been working on a “novel from life” titled Chill or Fraud? An Investigation: A Novel. I recently finished the book, and, given my objections to the corporatized publishing industry and the monetization of art, I intend to serialize the whole novel on this blog. Beginning next month, I’ll post one chapter from the book on a roughly weekly basis (as both a standalone post and a downloadable pdf). It should be chill, unless it is fraud.