To Bobette, Our New Dog, On The Day of Her Adoption

Dear Bobette,

Like dogs, every human person is born with a heart. Human hearts beat in our chests as a dog heart beats in your little furry one, and the same applies to all mammals: hearts are what keep us alive. But as you’ve been made aware, technically having hearts doesn’t deter humans from acting heartlessly, especially when it comes to their fellow animals. We will not delve into specifics, because terrible times are sometimes better left forgotten, but you’ve been a victim of man’s heartlessness, of the cruel indifference of which only humans seem capable. Where you should have been cared for, you’ve been abused and abandoned. You’ve been treated like a disposable thing, instead of the precious, feeling creature that you are. And in the process, you’ve been robbed of both time and identity. We’ll never know what your original name was, precisely how old you are, what dog breeds came together to make the adorably fox-like cocktail that is you. Your past will never be known to us, and that’s probably for the best. (It’d make us sad.) You’ve known too much sadness for too long, Bobette, so please know that all that ends now. We promise. From this day forward, your life will brim with a happiness your mutt brain never thought possible. You will be cared for and provided for, loved with abandon and never abandoned, as you deserve to be. We are humans who have hearts and we know how to use them. We also bought you this mad fab purple ribbon collar. Welcome home.


Carmen & Darri (Your parents)