A New BPoFD.com

In October, it will be five years since Carmen Petaccio founded Baby Pictures of Famous Dictators. It’s amazing to think what fruits of his invention persist from that first post until today: hysterical diatribes, wrathful pans, interviews both fictional and non-. This week, bpofd.com has a new look. On a desktop, on a tablet, on a phone, the site has become, we believe, much easier to navigate and read, much richer in its offerings, and a great deal more attractive. For months, our editorial and tech teams have been confined to a coat closet, subsisting only on veggie chick’n cutlets and anti-Zionist hummus, working without complaint on intricate questions of design, functionality, access, and what is so clinically called “the user experience.” We love what they’ve done with the place, and hope you will, too. Enjoy.

–The Editorial Board