Who Will Win?

Later tonight, the United States of America will elect the first female president in its 238-year history, ending the most disheartening and bizarre election cycle in recent memory. The Democrats will likely retake control of The Senate, while Republicans will maintain a majority in the House of Representatives. All of these developments could have easily been predicted eighteen months ago, without any of the performative grandstanding from supporters on both sides, but if the 2016 presidential election has gifted us any lasting lesson, it is that you cannot underestimate the lows to which your fellow Americans will sink in the name of a perceived righteousness. The worst have never been so full of passionate intensity, and the rest of us have never known such a lack of conviction. In A People’s History of the United States, Saint Howard Zinn once envisioned a true democracy that went beyond the “limits of capitalism and nationalism,” a system in which the citizenry provided those in power with “the disruption of the stability they needed.” Though it is hard to imagine two candidates who more embody the anti-democratic forces of capitalism and nationalism, there is still some truth in our democracy. Donald Trump never wanted to be president; Hillary Clinton always wanted to be president. Both of them finally got exactly what they wanted, disrupting everyone but themselves in the process. So sincerest congratulations to you, no matter which candidate you supported. They won.